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Development and launch of an ICT modernisation plan for Mons     Print


The objective is to provide the City and the CPAS with information technology guaranteeing performance and security by integrating the communication needs. To meet the stated goals, all the needs for financial and human resources will be identified. In this context, the best solutions to meet the requirements are evaluated and partnerships with other actors are encouraged.


The City of Mons must acquire the required infrastructure and services to meet the needs of its population as digital city and ensure the cultural event of Mons in 2015 under the theme "Where technology meets culture".


2011: Evaluation of existing ICT environment and identification of needs

2012: Development of the ICT modernisation plan

Methodology - strategic IT plan

The completion of the assignment is divided into five stages:

  1. Conducting a global reflection on the information systems and the establishment of an inventory according to CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology);
  2. Formalizing the general and operational objectives of the City and providing guidance information;
  3. Drafting of the modernization plan by identifying, prioritizing and planning the projects and determination of the target organization;
  4. Ownership of the modernization plan by the stakeholders of the City and initialization of the projects;
  5. Assistance of the IT department in the implementation of the plan.

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