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OGC The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is an independent office of HM Treasury, established to help Government deliver best value from its spending.

The mission of the UK’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is to work with the public sector as a catalyst to achieve efficiency, value for money in commercial activities and improved success in the delivery of programmes and projects. OGC supports the achievement of its targets through concentrating its efforts in a wide-ranging programme supporting three significant activities in public sector organisations—improving efficiency, programme and project management, and procurement. OGC provides good practice in (ITIL), project management (PRINCE2), programme management (MSP) and management of risk (M_o_R).

OGC's six key goals are

  • Delivering Value from third party spend
  • Delivering projects to time, quality and cost, realising benefits
  • Getting the best from Government estate
  • Delivering sustainable procurement and sustainable operations on the Government estate
  • Supporting the delivery of Government policy goals
  • Improving central Government capability in procurement, project and programme management and estates

Website: OGC

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