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The Business Case is used to obtain management commitment and approval for investment in business change including projects and programmes, through rationale for the investment.


The ongoing viability of a project or programme will be monitored against the Business Case


OGC is suggesting the following content for the business case

Strategic fit

Description of the business need and its contribution to the organisation's business strategy


  • Why it is needed now
  • Key benefits to be realised
  • Critical success factors and how they will be measured.

Options appraisal

  • High level cost/benefit analysis of (ideally) at least three options for meeting the business need
  • Include analysis of 'soft' benefits that cannot be quantified in financial terms
  • Identify preferred option and any trade-offs.

Commercial aspects

This section is applicable where there is an external procurement; this section outlines the potential deal. 

  • Proposed sourcing option with rationale for its selection
  • Key features of proposed commercial arrangements (e.g. contract terms, contract length, payment mechanisms and performance incentives)
  • The procurement approach/strategy with supporting rationale.


  • Statement of available funding and 'ballpark' estimates of projected whole-life cost of project
  • Including departmental costs (where applicable).


  • High level plan for achieving the desired outcome, with key milestones and major dependencies (e.g. interface with other projects)
  • Outline contingency plans e.g. addressing failure to deliver service on time
  • Major risks identified and outline plan for addressing them
  • Provider's plans for the same, as applicable, skills and experience required.


Dutch Business Case
French Business Case

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