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IIA Belgium - Institute of Internal auditors The Institute of Internal Auditors-Belgium (IIA Belgium) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement and development of the internal audit profession in Belgium.

IIA Belgium is affiliated to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), which has more than 120.000 members with representatives from over 165 countries. The Institute of Internal Auditors is the standard and guidance setting body for the internal audit profession globally and promotes guidance following rigorous due process.All members of the Institute are invited to follow the Code of Ethics and the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).

IIA Belgium was created as a Benelux Institute in 1977 and as a Belgium Institute since 1998. The Institute has grown in size and stature and currently has over 1.600 members active in internal audit and from all sectors. IIA Belgium has established itself as leader in training and development of internal auditors in Belgium through conferences, seminars, Round Tables on various subjects, methods and techniques in internal auditing.

Mission statement

IIABel, as professional institute want to help its members to

  • Anticipate, act and inform on regulatory changes
  • Position themselves in their own organization as a key function in the following areas :
  • Develop the necessary competencies, skills to achieve the above objectives
  • Promote the internal audit profession, as a value adding function towards the potential stakeholders

The Internal Auditor Compass magazine

The Internal Auditor CompassA specialized magazine about internal audit is distributed on the Belgian market in order to inform the internal auditors and the stakeholders about the evolution of the profession, the new legislation/rules impacted the profession and share best practices about the profession.

The magazine includes community news, upcoming events and marketing information. The first objective of the magazine is to serve IIABel members and therefore, the structure of the membership and the language variety must be taken into consideration.

Articles will be in 3 languages: Dutch, English and French. The following subjects should be included at least on a yearly basis:

  • Norms and Deontology
  • Internal audit tools and techniques (how to, IT Tools, frameworks...)
  • Management of an internal audit department (evaluation, motivation techniques, training, salary surveys, outsourcing…)
  • Sector updates ( Financial services, Public sector, Industries & Services) IIA Bel Internal Audit Magazine
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social responsibility
  • Fraud
  • Risk Management and Internal Controls
  • Information Systems ( definition, basic info)
  • View from another perspective (Auditees, stakeholders…)
  • People news ( new CAE, new certified,…), new Books, IIA Corner, upcoming event, marketing (including job offers)

Website: IIABEL 

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