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Evaluation of project steering in the energy sector     Print


The assignment consisted of the assessment of project management activities dedicated to the storage of natural gas in France and abroad. The evaluation involved turnkey (EPC) or assistance in project management (EPCM) and focuses on project steering, ie d. project planning, cost control, procurement management and site management. The assignments are undertaken for on-going projects for a rapid improvement of the project steering, as well as at the end of the project, with a goal of continuous improvement through “Lessons learned”.

Evaluation en pilotage de grands projets d'infrastructure dans le secteur de l'énergie


Storengy GDF-SuezStorengy is the GDF-Suez company dedicated to the underground storage of natural gas. Its mission is to design and operate underground storage facilities, and to market storage capacity.


2009-2011 : 8 projects assessed in France and England

2011-2013 : Framework agreement for project evaluation and the formalisation of Lessons learned

Méthodology - Governance principles

The evaluation is based on the seven governance principles:
  1. The context of the project, i.e. the contractual (project assistance, EPC or EPCM), legal and organizational environment;
  2. The alignment of the project on the strategic objectives of Storengy;
  3. Value creation through appropriate purchasing and the monitoring the capital expenditure;
  4. Risk management in terms of budget, deadline, scope and security;
  5. The optimal use of human and material resources in terms of competence, experience and efficiency;
  6. Communication, style and tools, and information management between the different project actors: Storengy, engineering, contractors and site operator;
  7. Steering through performance indicators, physical progress, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management, quality management and project monitoring.

QAP has an extensive experience in governance, project and program management, as well as in control and risk management.

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