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Project evaluation and implementation of a Project Office (PMO) in a credit institution     Print


The mission consisted of the evaluation of large redevelopment project of a mortgage platform performed by an external provider. Following the assessment, QAP accompanied the development and implementation of a project management office (PMO).



The Société Wallonne du Crédit Social (SWCS)'s mission is to promote home ownership or renovation of housing for the greatest number of citizens. The S.W.C.S. has a network of 23 branches of social credit which are distributed in Wallonia.

The SWCS covers a broad range of services :

  • develop balanced and accessible mortgage products;
  • to let them know and follow them up in terms of management, information and mediation, throughout the life of the loan;
  • to manage its funds to cover the financial risks related to changes in interest rates.


2009: Evaluation of the redevelopment project of the mortgage platform

2010: Development and support of the implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO)

Methodology – implementation of a Project Management Office

The implementation of a project office is performed in phases. The approach is adapted to the context and the maturity of the organization's project management.
  1. An evaluation phase allows to draw the inventory in project and portfolio management;
  2. Creation of a base PMO : The objective is to provide a project management methodology to master the triple constraint: scope, cost and deadlines, by applying this methodology in pilot projects;
  3. Implementation of a standard PMO: Implementation of the methodology in a transversal and uniform manner to ensure consistent management of projects and coordinated delivery of deliverables. The projects are grouped into programs and portfolios, when the volume justifies it;
  4. Evolution towards an advanced PMO : Implementation of integrated project management capabilities and appropriate tools to achieve business objectives and strategy of the organization;
  5. Optimisation of the PMO by managing continuous improvement and inter-departmental collaboration to achieve strategic business objectives by implementing a reporting system, facilitating the return of experience (Lessons Learned).

QAP has an extensive experience in governance, project and program management, as well as in control and risk management

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