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OCEGA nonprofit think tank that helps organisations achieve Principled Performance. OCEG provides standards, guidelines, benchmarks and online resources that focus on integrated corporate governance, risk management, compliance and ethics (GRC) processes.

GRC Capability model

The GRC Capability model contains 8 integrated components, and each are embodying a number of related Practices

  1. C: Context
    Understand the current culture and business context so that the organisation can address, and practively infuence conditions to support objectives.
    C1-External Context
    C2-Internal Context
  2. O. Organise
    Organise and oversee an integrated capability that enables the organisation to reliably achieve objectives, while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.
  3. A. Assess
    Identify threats, opportunities and requirements; assess the level of risk, rewand and conformance; and align an approach to reliably achieve objectives, while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity.
    A3- Planning
  4. P. Proact
    Incent desirable conditions and events; and prevent undesirable conditions and events with management actions and control;
    P1-Proactive Actions and Controls
    P2-Codes of Conduct
    P6-Stakeholder relations
    P7-Risk Financing
  5. D. Detect
    Detect ongoing progress toward objectives as well as actual and potential undesirable conditions and events using management actions and controls;
    D1-Detective Actions and Controls
    D3- Inquiry
  6. R. Respond
     Respond to desirable conditions and events with rewards; and correct undesirable conditions and events so that the organisation recovers from and resolves each immediate issue and improves future performance;
    R1-Responsive Action and Controls
    R2-Internal Investigation
    R3-3rd Party Investigation
    R4-Crisis Response
  7. M. Measure
    Monitor, measure and modify the GRC capability on a periodic and ongoing basis to ensure it controbutes to business objectives, while being effective, efficient and responsive to the changing evnironment.
    M1-Context Monitoring
    M2-Performance Monitoring
    M3-Systemic Improvement
  8. I. Interact
     Capture, document and manage GRC information so that it effeciently and accurately flows up, down and across the extended entreprise, and to exgternal stakeholders.
    I1-Info Management

 ensuring 8 Universal Outcomes :

  1. Achieve Business Objectives:
    Every CGR capability must contribute to attaining the desired business objectives;
  2. Enhance Organisational Culture:
    Inspire and promote a culture of performance, accountability, integrity, trust and communciation;
  3. Increase Stakeholder Confidence:
    Increase stakeholder confidence and trust in the organisation;
  4. Prepare and Protect the Organisation:
    Prepare the organisation to address risks and requirements; and protect the organisation from negative consequences of adverse events, noncompliance and unethical behaviour.
  5. Prevent, Detect and Reduce Adversity:
    Discourage, prevent and provide consequences of miscoduct; reduce the tangible and intangible damage caused by adverse events; noncompliance and unethical behaviour and the likelihood of similar events happening in the future;
  6. Motivate and Inspire Desired Conduct:
    Provide incentives and awards for desirable conduct, especially in the face of challenging circumstances;
  7. Improve Responsiveness & Efficience:
    Continuously improve the responsiveness (timeliness and agility) and efficiency (speed and quality) of all GRC Capabilities activities while improving effectiveness (ability to meet objectives and requirements)
  8. Optimise Economic & Social Value:
    Optimise the allocation of human and financial capital to GRC capability activities to maximise the value generated, benefitting the organisation and the society in which it operates.

OCEG GRC Capability model

Website: OCEG

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