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International Organization for Standardisation, widely known as ISO, is an international-standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organisations.

ISO impact

ISO sets multiple standards in the area related to Governance, Risk and Control (GRC). While ISO defines itself as a non-governmental organization, its ability to set standards that often become law, either through treaties or national standards, makes it more powerful than most non-governmental organisations.

Standard format

International Standards are identified in the format ISO[/IEC][/ASTM] [IS] nnnnn[:yyyy] Title, where nnnnn is the number of the standard, yyyy is the year published, and Title describes the subject. IEC for International Electrotechnical Commission is included if the standard results from the work of ISO/IEC JTC1 (the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee).

Overview of GRC related standards

The following ISO standards are described in the glossary:

Dutch Internationale Organisatie voor Standaardisatie
French Organisation Internationale de Normalisation


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