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Information stored in your information systems about products, manufacturing techniques, customers, financial data and many more are a valuable asset for your organisation. And this asset should be protected adequately. If persons with malicious intentions access your vital information, your damage may be considerable in terms of costs, loss of revenue or reputational damage.

An IT security audit takes into account the importance of your information against your enterprise strategy. The security policies, the management practices and the protections measures are assessed. The audit ensures that the information satisfies the following criteria:

  • confidentiality: by avoiding that information could be disclosed to non authorised persons;
  • integrity: by avoiding that information could be modified without appropriate authorisation;
  • availability: by ensuring the informed can be accessed when needed.

Qualified Advice Partners assists you to securise your vital information. Our audit methodology relies on modern audit techniques and is compliant with the best professional practices. The ISACA information security framework and the ISO 27x Information security standards are used.

QAP has a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, essentially in the financial sector and the service industry.

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