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Qualifed Audit Partners (qAp) disposes of a training portfolio in governance and risk management.  We are at your disposal to develop tailor made training courses, according to your specific requirements.

An oversight of the training courses in IT governance (click on the topic):

COBIT 5 roadmap
The Corporate Governance principles COBIT® 5 Foundation course with certification exam
COBIT® 5 Implementation course with certification exam COBIT® 5 Assessor course course with certification exam

COBIT 5 Training Paths

COBIT 5 Training offers 2 training paths:

  • The implementation path is for those interested in learning how to apply the COBIT 5 framework and COBIT 5: Enabling Processes and how to analyse the results. Upon completion of the training and exam, attendees are able to apply COBIT 5’s good-practice, continual-improvement, life-cycle approach to GEIT, tailored to suit the needs of a specific enterprise, and implement, or advise an enterprise on implementing, a framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT using COBIT 5.

  • The assessor path is for individuals interested in performing COBIT 5-based assessments using the ISO/IEC 15504 approach. This training provides the main guidance on performing a process capability assessment; the roles, responsibilities and competencies required; and the key steps, from assessment initiation to assessment results reporting. The assessor course and exam is practitioner-level training that focuses on how to apply the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM) and how to analyse the results. Upon successful completion of the assessor course and exam and upon meeting specific knowledge requirements, candidates are able to apply to ISACA to be designated as a COBIT Certified Assessor. This designation is the only globally accepted certification for COBIT assessors.

Both training paths require first passing the COBIT Foundation exam.

COBIT 5 Training target groups

COBIT training is intended for business management, chief executives, IT/IS auditors, internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants, and members of IT/IS management who are looking to gain insight into GEIT.

Key Benefits to COBIT 5 Training

Investing in COBIT 5 training is beneficial for the individual as well as for the enterprise. The key benefits include:

  1. Increased efficiencies and productivity—COBIT 5 training courses provide the tools and knowledge that are essential for the successful use of COBIT. By applying what they learn during the course, professionals will better understand what GEIT means and how it may be applied to their enterprise. In addition, each individual will have a more practical appreciation of how to apply COBIT 5 to specific business problems, pain points, trigger events and risk scenarios. As a result, the individual’s roles and responsibilities within the organisation as they relate to COBIT will be clearly defined, resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies in the enterprise.

  2. Building trust in and value from information systems—COBIT 5 training courses provide individuals with the key concepts and principles so that they can begin to uncover how they will need to assess the current state of their enterprise IT, with the objective of scoping what aspects of COBIT 5 would be appropriate to implement. Trust originates from the fact that the individual will have carved a reputation for having the tools and skills necessary to implement and assess COBIT effectively in their enterprise.

  3. Setting oneself apart from the others—In a governance role, the professional’s knowledge of COBIT will set him/her apart from the rest and speaks to his/her level of commitment to the profession. The courses equip the participants with unmatched knowledge in the form of concepts, principles and processes. This knowledge is crucial in implementing and assessing COBIT. In addition, commitment to COBIT training allows the professional to be on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice.

  4. Increased confidence and capability—Individuals can sharpen their capabilities and enhance confidence by understanding the levels of IT-related risk and making informed decisions to reduce information security incidents. Delivering this understanding and risk awareness to improve prevention, detection and recovery within an enterprise is vital. The trained COBIT professional is able to provide tools for organisations to maintain high-quality information to support business decisions as well as to help the enterprise meet regulatory, statutory or governmental requirements.

  5. Credibility—Training organisations and individuals who offer COBIT 5 training and exams must first go through a meticulous accreditation process. Individuals who attend training with an accredited training provider can be certain they are receiving the highest quality training. Exams are rigorous, challenging and consistent, and, as a result, individuals can be proud of their achievement. In addition, employers will have the confidence of knowing their employees’ COBIT credentials come from a reputable and reliable source.

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