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ISACAISACA® sets forth this Code of Professional Ethics to guide the professional and personal conduct of members of the association and/or its certification holders (CISA, CISM and CGEIT).

Members and ISACA certification holders shall: .

ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
 1. Support the implementation of, and encourage compliance with, appropriate standards, procedures and controls for information systems.
 2. Perform their duties with objectivity, due diligence and professional care, in accordance with professional standards and best practices.
 3. Serve in the interest of stakeholders in a lawful and honest manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and character, and not engage in acts discreditable to the profession.
4. Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties unless disclosure is required by legal authority. Such information shall not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate parties.
5. Maintain competency in their respective fields and agree to undertake only those activities, which they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence.
6. Inform appropriate parties of the results of work performed; revealing all significant facts known to them.
7. Support the professional education of stakeholders in enhancing their understanding of information systems security and control.

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