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GubernaGUBERNA is an academically based network of and for directors and companies. It is a knowledge center and network for directors and companies. GUBERNA encourages corporate governance in all its dimensions and for every type of organisation. To achieve these objectives, GUBERNA offers a dynamic platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices for its members i.e. boardmembers, CEO’s and top managers.

GUBERNA is the preferred partner for corporate governance actors:

  • a developer, i.e. conducts relevant research, investe in "thought leadership and develops practical support tools and instruments";
  • a translator, i.e. creates awareness, educates, provides insight in the governance "game" and stimulates a governance reflex;
  • a facilitator, i.e. stimulates and initiates exchange of experiences between all governance actors;
  • a gatekeeper, i.e. for all relevant governance developments (national, European/International)

Website: GUBERNA

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