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GRC Risk

Once the business and/or technology risks are identified, the management of the organisation defines how much risk it is willing to take (risk appetite). The likelihood of these risks is assessed and its potential impact is estimated. Responses are developed to treat, transfer, tolerate or terminate the risk. The resulting risk action plan is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. An event register keeps track of all occurred risk events within the organisation.

The risk management methods allow you to identify, to analyse and to treat the operational and IT risks. As an active participant within your organisation, your actions and your behaviour determine the process improvements and the development of your internal control environment.

Qualified Audit Partners assists you in the implementation of your risk management system. Our methodology relies on the modern principles of governance and risk management, and is compliant with the best professional practices.

QAP has a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, essentially in the financial sector and the service industry.

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