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The training enables participants to acquire new skills in the areas of audit, risk management and the implementation of control measures (GRC).

The realisation of a customised training assignment is divided into 4 steps:  

1. Understanding

During the first stage, the establishment of the current status ensures proper understanding of the training context and objectives.
   Training - 1. Understanding

2. Preparation

The preparation step allows to collect the necessary material and to prepare the course.
   Training - 2. Preparation

3. Training

In the third step, the course is actually given to the participants.
   Training - 3. Training

4. Follow-up

Optionally, after the training, a course follow-up session can be provided or feedback can be collected.
   Training - 4. Follow-up

Qualified Advice Partners accompanies the transformation of your organization by providing training. Our basic training in assessment, auditing, risk management and outsourcing are given at the Institute for Internal Auditors (IIA).

QAP has a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, essentially in finance, energy, high technology, healthcare and the service industry.
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