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Qualified Advice Partners, your program, program and governance advisor provides you an overview of the Belgian governance codes.

The list of the Belgian governance codes

The Belgian Code of Corporate Governance and the Code Buysse for non listed companies have been updated in 2009. Both codes offer board members and executive management, guidelines and practical advice for the sustainable development of their organisation. Further requirements for transparency, accountability and responsible behavior were integrated.

Discover herunder the Belgian Governance Codes, ranked according the year of publication, and the language of publication.

2004 (EN) Belgian Corporate Governance Code - Commission Lippens  
2004 (FR) Code Belge de Gouvernance d Entreprise - Commission Lippens  
2004 (NL) Belgische Corporate Governance Code - Commissie Lippens  
2005 (FR) Code Buysse - Commission Buysse  
2005 (NL) Code Buysse - Commissie Buysse  
2006 (EN) People Governance Charter - People Governance Commission  
2009 (EN) The 2009 Belgian Code On Corporate Governance  
2009 (FR) Code Buysse II - Commission Buysse  
2009 (FR) Code Buysse II en 12 slides  
2009 (FR) Le Code Belge de Gouvernance d Enterprise 2009  
2009 (NL) Belgische Corporate Governance Code 2009  
2009 (NL) Code Buysse II - Commissie Buysse  
2009 (NL) Code Buysse II in 12 slides  

The recommendations of ITGI on IT Governance

(EN) Board Briefing on IT Governance - IT Governance Institute - 2003  

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